Hi, I’m Holly Rae Taylor, owner and operator of Maven Compost Bins. I designed these bins so that you can compost everything, including meat, bones, dairy–everything! Some people think you can’t compost those things. If you have a compost bin that is open to animals, then they are right! But as long as you have a bin that keeps out the critters, then you can compost all of it.

I make my bins with Eastern White Cedar because it is naturally rot-resistant and strong. It is sustainably harvested in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and then milled at Goodridge Lumber by Colleen Goodridge and her sons.

I build the bins in my woodshop/art studio in Richmond, Vermont. Each bin is handcrafted to last several, if not many, years.

My motto: Everything that was once alive or from something alive (like milk) can and should be composted. I’m proud to say that these bins make that possible.


One response to “About

  1. Takie

    wow! love your work! you guys are an inspiration!

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